Heliodyne – Solar Hot Water Systems


heliodyne solar hot water

Residential, solar hot water systems are eligible for a $1,500.00 rebate from the Department of Energy!

Solar Bermuda Ltd. is the proud distributer and certified installer of Heliodyne™ solar hot water systems. Founded in 1977, Heliodyne, is one of the US’s longest established manufacturers of solar hot water collectors and systems  and subsequently are one of the  leading providers of solar hot water systems throughout the United States and many parts of the World. During a time when so many solar hot water companies are flooding the market, value, quality design, experience and superb customer support are what differentiate Heliodyne as the right partner for Solar Bermuda Ltd.

The Heliodyne solar hot water system has three major components. The roof mounted solar collector, or panel, the hot water storage tank and the “HelioFlo” heat transfer controller.

When there is sufficient heat to be drawn from the collectors, the controller, located on or near the tank, automatically activates a pump which will pull water from the storage tank through the collectors to be heated. Once heated, the water is pumped back down into the storage tank for consumption. This process will continue as long as there is heat to be drawn from the collectors. When there is little or no sun, a backup heating element self-activates to provide ample hot water for your home.

There are many finical and environmental benefits of the Heliodyne™ solar hot water system. But did you know in addition to lowering your monthly electricity bill, the addition of a Heliodyne solar hot water system adds value to your home.

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